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Learn About Our Twenty-Six Schools

On September 30, 1852, Protestant missionaries opened the first Protestant Christian school on the banks of the Chao Praya River in Bangkok, Thailand. That school, now called Bangkok Christian College, now teaches 5,000 students in grades 1-12. Since that time, twenty-five other schools have been established that share the good news of the gospel with more than 60,000 Thai children each day. There are twenty-six private Protestant Christian schools within the Church of Christ in Thailand. They are scattered in sixteen different locations throughout the country of Thailand. Each school has a unique history, but all serve as a ministry of the Church of Christ in Thailand, providing a basic education to Thai students while teaching the fundamentals of the Christian faith and demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ to all. We invite you to visit the schools that have provided photos and information about their school at the separate links to the left.