The Support Provided to CVT Volunteers

What the CVT Volunteer Can Expect

Volunteer Housing at Saha Bumrung Wittaya School

Every CVT volunteer will receive the following support, either from the CVT program, their assigned school, or a Christian organization that has made a written commitment to provide this support:

  • A monthly allowance equivalent to a beginning teacher’s salary in Thailand
  • A food allowance to include meals that are eaten at the school during school days
  • Housing on campus or housing with an allowance for transportation, if housing is further than one kilometer from the school campus
  • Laundry service or an allowance for laundry
  • Legal documents required for living in and working in Thailand, to include a work permit, a renewable one-year visa, and other documents
  • An orientation to Thai life and culture, including an introduction to the Thai languages, Thai traditions, and the policies of the CCT Education Ministry and its schools
  • A supportive team to assist with adjustment to life in Thailand and working at the school