The Role of the CVT Volunteer

What a CVT Volunteer is Expected to Do

Kindergarten at Wattana Wittaya Academy

The primary role of the CVT volunteer is to work in the English department of their assigned school.  However, as all of the CCT schools were established as a ministry of the Church of Christ in Thailand, it is understood that there is another mission: that of sharing the good news of the gospel with the students of the school, many of whom are not Christian.

The CVT volunteer is expected to work as a regular teacher in the school, but in a specialized role with specific goals. Most volunteers will have 18-22 class hours, but will work as a team with a Thai teacher of English. We emphasize team teaching for several reasons:

  • To help those with no teaching experience to learn from their more experienced Thai partners
  • To help the CVT volunteer bridge the language barrier in maintaining class discipline, reporting grades, having conferences with parents, and
  • To help Thai teachers of English improve their English language abilities (especially speaking)

The Office of Education Ministry believes the development of the Thai teacher’s ability to use English is critical to the success of the program and the future of the school. Such teacher development, whether through team teaching or seminars, will continue to benefit the school long after the CVT volunteer has left.

The CVT volunteer is expected to live a modest life that is in keeping with his/her role as a faculty person in a private Christian school.  Other duties of CVT volunteers may include such things as assisting with English Camps, Christian Education classes, and other tasks.