Prospective Teachers

What You Need to Know

We are looking for volunteers to serve in Thailand.  At the moment, our focus is on Christian volunteers who are native English speakers.  We are looking for native English speakers to come to Thailand to teach Thai children in our private Christian schools how to speak English fluently.

Our Christian schools have been teaching English to Thai children for decades.  These bright, enthusiastic youngsters have no problems picking up the vocabulary and they study the grammar rigorously.  Where they experience problems is in developing fluency through conversation.  They have no one to practice with who can correct their pronunciation and encourage them to explore new topics of conversation.

Would you like to help? Spending time with Thai students, encouraging them to speak English, is a unique ministry that does not require any special knowledge of the Thai language. The trust and respect that is built through shared conversation also encourages our students to talk about their lives, their beliefs, and their hopes for the future.

CVT volunteers through the decades have share the love and grace of God with our students through this ministry. If you are interested in this program, learn more about it by clicking on any of the links on the left side of this page.  Please contact us for further information about the program.